No more Macha! One day in Uji

Brief introduction of Uji City

Uji is a small city located at the south of Kyoto in Kyoto Prefecture. You can access with JR Nara line or Keihan Uji line from Kyoto. I going to Uji for the famous Byodo-in temple and Sound! Euphonium, which the story placed in Uji. Uji is also the stage of the Tale of Genji, but I'm not interested. By the way, Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research Institute located in Uji campus, they have open campus event each year, my teacher told me it's quite interesting.

Access to Uji

I can take JR Nara line from Inari station or Keihan Main Line from Fukakusa and communicate to Keihan Uji Line at Chusho-jima station, cost 240 yen and 270 yen respectively. Keihan run trains in shorter intervals but you have to change once and Keihan Uji station sits on the opposite of Uji RIver from Byodo-in temple, so decide your transportation after planed your routes.

Spot 1. Byodo-in Temple

Byodo-in temple is the most famous spot in Uji, listed in World Heritage Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. 'Byodo' means equality in Japanese, it was derived from Buddhism philosophy that all men are equal in that they are all subject to the same law of nature, birth and die. Yorimichi Fujiwara, a regent to the emperor, built the Phoenix Hall at A.C. 1052.
The Phoenix Hall
The Phoenix Hall were shown on the 10 yen coin and the phoenix shown on the 10,000 yen banknote, I thought this is the evidence of this temple matters to their nation.

Spot 2. Uji-jinja Shrine & Ujigami-jinja Shrine

I still not figure out the relations between those two shrines, some says they are two parts of one, I can't get it. Anyway, the Ujigami-jinja Shrine was listed in world heritage and Uji-jinja Shrine was not. Looks they serve the same rabbit god(?), which uji can be write in '菟道', it was derived from a prince's name. Kumiko had stopped at the entrance of Uji-jinja shrine in a raining day.
Kumiko stopped here

Spot 3. Daikichiyama Observation Deck

Kumiko and Reina visited here at the impressive S1E8, Reina said to Kumiko that she wants to be outstanding, I thought they are already been outstanding when they arrived the observation deck at night. The way to there looks like this, no fence, no light.
Way to Daikichiyama Observation Deck
The view from here was not so exciting, maybe in case of that I visited while raining.
View from observation deck
Oh, I said Uji is a small city, but not small enough to see the whole city from a small hill. ;)

Spot 4. Uji-bashi Bridge

Despite the history of this bridge, watching the river runs was a joyful experience. I remembered the view and smell of the Kamo River and the Katsura River in Kyoto, that's why I like Here. It made me jealous, I really hope if there is a river like this in my hometown, where are facing water shortage since decades ago.
Kumiko passed here
The impressive long take of Kumiko's running scene happened here.

Macha everywhere

In Uji, every food or drink can be made of macha, even dumplings! I only had a macha ice cream and had lunch at a ordinary family restaurant. China also had macha at Song Dynasty but not last long, Japan is really a cultural refrigerator for eastern civilization. I tasted Kushidango and crêpe, neither of them are tasty:(


I had lunch with a friend at a chain restaurant near Uji Bridge, and then I started to wander around the Uji River, hoping to find a bench in Sound Euphonium. Unfortunately, I finally didn't find a bench.

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