Behemoths from the age of steam

Kyoto Railway Museum is famous for their collection on steam locomotives, it locate in the Umekoji Park, asides the Kyoto Auqarium, this two spots will take a half  day at least. But I strongly recommend everyone who read my post DO NOT go to the aquarium which use sea mammals in performance, it's torture to those animals, on both physical and mental.

I arrived at 12:00, I was late because I played EU4 last night ;) Here charge for 1,200yen and there are many kinds of discount option for inbound tourists, but I'm not, sorrows.

Floor 1 outside

Entered the museum you will see the 0 series Shinkansen and the latest steam locomotive in Japan, which drived the express "Tsubame" to up to 140km/h. I didn't know the size of their action wheels were such big, about 1.7 meters or more.

size of action wheel

After the ST C62 is dinning car and the car for the emperor, both of them use a special 3 axis bogie rather than 2axis bogie, in order to make the car more comfortable.

3-axis bogie
dinning car, renewed after WW II
washroom in the royal train

Between C62 and 0 series Shinkansen is 80 series car, many technologies of Shinkansen derived from 80 series. their bogies are quite...steampunk?

Shinkansen was a dream train, it's suspension, seats, dinning car, looks, and of course, speed, make me can't belive that was made in 1960s.

scaled model of 0 series Shinkansen's bogie

Floor 1 inside

Exhibitions inside have more explanatory materials

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